Has There Always Been Breakfast? A Fun Travel Through the History of Breakfast

2017-05-08T12:10:38+00:00 May 8th, 2017|Blog|

Has Breakfast Always Been Around? 17th Century: No, No, No! The history of breakfast tells us that "breaking the fast" was not always considered the "healthiest meal of the day." On the contrary, in the 17th century eating in the morning was considered bad health, bad habit, and bad morals! It was thought that eating [...]

Rolled Foods – Worldwide Fascination

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ROLLED FOODS WORLDWIDE FASCINATION Around the world, people and cultures have always had a fascination with rolled foods. Sushi and roll display MEATS FOR EXAMPLE often appear in rolled manner. Argentines pride themselves on matambre arollado - a rolled beef often stuffed with vegetables and eggs. Scotch eggs appear in delis throughout the United [...]

Food in the Role of Communication

2017-01-13T12:06:29+00:00 December 19th, 2016|Blog|

Food in the Role of Communication For as long as time has been recorded, food has not only  played a role in sustenance, but also in relationships. It seems that every culture around the world and throughout time has connected cuisine with some form of communication. Food and Its Statement Breaking bread together signifies unity. Wings [...]

Kedgeree Any Time of Day

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Living in London as well as traveling in Scotland, we were exposed to the delights of Kedgeree for breakfast. In my life, I have always been nontraditional as far as wanting to eat rice, spaghetti, curry, stir fry, pizza, sushi, and the likes for breakfast. Imagine my joy when I found out many English and [...]

Arancini Makes its Appearance

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Isn't it wonderful when cuisine from other parts of the world inches its way into our restaurants, eventually into our list of experimental recipes, and sometimes becomes a part of our own culture? Often, once you have tasted a new food from another country you want to incorporate it into your own recipe collection. That's [...]

Hobbies Unfold into a Career

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A Google search leads to an array of links concerning turning your hobby into a job, but Nature's Yoke has one employee who has a true life success story about just that dream. In fact, the star of our story actually combined several skills and interests into one career. She is loving every minute of [...]