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Caring Community

Nature’s Yoke is grounded in the idea of celebrating life, love and latitude every day and, through that, creating a deeper connection to what matters most.

In fact, the importance we place on connection is why we spell “Yoke” the way we do.

Yet sustaining a connection to what matters most doesn’t just happen — we nurture it through our commitment to never stop evolving and by creating a caring community driven by values.

Our values are what inspire our team to work in a way that we call “love in action”. Here’s what we strive to honor in all we do:

Integrity: We seek to uphold what is right and be honest in all our efforts. We create a transparent environment where both employees and consumers are able to ask questions and find answers. We honor our commitments and own up to our mistakes.

Stewardship: We’ve been given an incredible earth and we strive to leave it a better place. Our staff works tirelessly to maintain sustainable practices on our farms. We endeavor to use our time and talent to create a better world.

Excellence: We don’t want to settle for ordinary. We want to be the best team possible and make the best eggs possible — always setting ever-higher goals for ourselves.

Family: We encourage family values that develop connection. Not only in our own family, but in yours as well. We hope our products encourage you to spend time sharing life together.

Eternal Perspective: We seek to make decisions today that make a positive impact beyond our lifetime. Ever focused on the future, we aim to make a lasting impression on our community and world.


Nature’s Yoke Organic, Legacy and Omega-3 Free-Range Eggs are 100% Certified Humane and produced by our four-generation, family-run business which began in 1963 and is located in New Holland, PA.

With the mission of supporting local farmers and investing in the local community, our company is committed to sustainable farming, the ethical treatment of animals, good stewardship and innovation.

Driven by the desire to innovate and promote healthy living, George Weaver II produced the first-ever low-cholesterol egg in 1988 (which was verified as having 20-25% less cholesterol then regular eggs), and we’ve held ourselves to living up to his legacy ever since.

As a result of his example and our larger purpose to share and act on what matters most, Nature’s Yoke is dedicated to a full spectrum of community and global give-back initiatives and philanthropies. We encourage all of our team members to take extended time off to volunteer so they can make a difference in ways that are meaningful to them.


George Weaver I originally built what is now home base for Nature’s Yoke on the Weaver family farm in Pennsylvania over fifty years ago. At the time, all the eggs were produced directly on the farm and, in 1962, George began selling to supermarkets in nearby cities.

With demand growing, this proved insufficient with only a single flock. So, he created one of the first collectives of egg farms in 1963.

Inspired by a deep desire to do right by Pennsylvania’s farmers, he was responsible for helping many small family farms launch and maintain thriving businesses.

Specifically, he applied his innovative spirit to overcome the many obstacles that had previously prevented these farmers from getting their eggs to market; and stores in larger cities loved being able to provide fresh farm eggs to their customers.

In 1985, George Weaver II, took over the family business and, seeing the demand for organic products rising, he decided to venture into the premium egg category.

The ultimate goal was to offer eggs that were better and more nutritious through their creation rather than through additives.

As time passed, demand grew and the Weaver family decided that it was time to create a truly unique egg brand.

In 2000, Nature’s Yoke was launched, committed to bringing the highest quality eggs from family farms to family’s tables.

Today, George Weaver III represents the third generation of the Weaver family in the egg industry and is the President and CEO of Nature’s Yoke.

He manages and maintains the company and continues to build on the legacy of his grandfather and father.

The fourth generation, represented by George Weaver IV, has already become an integral part of the business, taking the lead in marketing and branding.

The family’s focus on integrity and wise stewardship is still the foundation of the company.

As Nature’s Yoke looks to the future, the entire Weaver family is committed to serving the community and world in multiple ways — and to valuing each employee on our team as an individual and for their role in helping us achieve everything we strive for and celebrate.


Fully savoring life, love and latitude is only possible when you nourish your body. Our free-range eggs provide you with great protein and other nutrients that support your brain, eyesight and more.


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