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Tis the Season for Life, Love, LAtitude

It’s the season of giving and gratitude!

Here at Nature’s Yoke, sharing what matters most is something we do all year long — but when the holidays come around, sharing with others and being thankful for life, love and latitude becomes extra special!

In the past few weeks, we had several opportunities to share some of our favorite things — eggs and our time! At Nature’s Yoke we love taking any opportunity we can to make donations to those in need. It’s our way of spreading joy, especially during the holiday season.

Some of our past giving opportunities have included standing on the streets of New York handing out dozens of eggs to passersby, donating to local schools to help them accomplish their efforts, and.

Water Street Mission

Before Thanksgiving, a couple of us went to Water Street Mission to serve food to the homeless. Water Street is a Christian Organization in downtown Lancaster, PA that helps provide food, shelter, mentoring, education, and so much more to those who are homeless and in need.

While we couldn’t have a ton of contact with the residents, we were still able to serve them a hot meal and share smile. We donate eggs to the mission on a regular basis — but we brought 15 dozen to go in their kitchen or be handed out during one of Water Streets food drives.

Volunteering our time in this way brings so much joy to our hearts. There are so many people in need, and we’re thankful that we can share what matters most with them!

Project Rosseau

Another place we were able to give our time and eggs was Project Rosseau. This organization seeks to “empower youth in communities with the greatest need to reach their full potential, as well as pursue and excel in higher education” (Project Rosseau).

Project Rosseau works a lot with kids from low-income families, kids who have recently moved to the U.S., and those who come from rougher places in life. They offer mentoring as well as academic assistance, helping kids prepare for college and life beyond high school.

Each year, Project Rosseau hosts a pie day to bake pies for homeless shelters. We were happy to donate eggs for the pies! The students at Project Rosseau ended up baking 400 pies for the homeless! Such a great opportunity and success. We are so encouraged to see these young kids putting their hearts into serving those around them! It means so much!

Thanksgiving Angels

Last but not least, we were able to donate eggs to the Thanksgiving Angels program. They are part of what is now the South Community Food Pantry at South Congregational Church in Pittsfield, MA. With over 350 volunteers from several communities, the Thanksgiving Angels program made sure that everyone in need was able to receive a Thanksgiving Dinner over the holiday!

Packing bags with turkeys, pies, and much more, we were excited to donate eggs, so that every bag got a dozen! It’s sad to think of families not being able to enjoy a nice Thanksgiving dinner, so when the Thanksgiving Angels came to us to see if we’d make a donation, it was a no-brainer. The people running Thanksgiving Angels have such big hearts and set a great example of what it means to give, give, give!

Continuing the Gift

Hopefully this post has encouraged you to get out and share what matters most to you! We’re thankful for our hens and eggs and for the ability to give to those around us! What ways can you give this season? Maybe you could cook a meal for your neighbor, or bake cookies? Here at Nature’s Yoke, we’ve been given so much, and we want to give back to those around us, sharing what matters most — life, love, latitude.

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