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Ringing in the New Year with What Matters Most

Yet another year has come and gone!

Here at Nature’s Yoke, we are celebrating all the memories this year brought. Many smiles, laughs, kind words and actions, new friends, relationships, and additions to our Nature’s Yoke family! Countless visits to our family farms, bringing our eggs into new local stores and family markets. And so much more. 


As we reflect back on 2021, one word comes to mind — connection.

This year was filled with opportunities to reach out and connect with those around us. Whether it be sharing a laugh in the office, a meaningful discussion on the farm, meeting someone’s needs at the dairy case in a grocery store, or even surrounding ourselves with loved ones at home, connection kept us going through a year filled with challenges and blessings.

Truly, where would we be without the meaningful connections we have made throughout these past 365 days?

SO Much IN Store

Closing the door on 2021, we move into a new year, all fresh and exciting. We are eager to see what 2022 has in store for us, our hens, our eggs, and you!

We’re excited to continue bringing our eggs to your local markets. And we’re looking forward to setting our product up in new stores and spreading the joy of our eggs to new buyers and consumers, just like you!

Let’s celebrate life

This coming year, we will celebrate life. All the ups and downs, good times and bad, new experiences and opportunities. This year we will celebrate all the smiling faces of individuals who make up our world!

Life is all around us, and here at Nature’s Yoke, we chose to celebrate it!

Celebrating life can be as simple as appreciating the people and living things around you. Caring for our loved ones, family members, even our pets and plants. Celebrating life means savoring the small moments and joys of life.

Let’s celebrate love

One of the greatest motivators behind why we do what we do each and every day — love! This year, we will celebrate love in all that we do. Love for our neighbors and family members, our friends, and our farmers.

We will continue to express our love to you, our consumers, by providing you and your family with the healthiest, tastiest eggs possible. By loving our hens and providing them with the best lives possible, they are able to happily lay eggs you can trust, enjoy, and share with others.

This year, we will savor love.

Let’s Celebrate latitude

In 2o22, we chose to celebrate latitude. Room to spread your wings and be yourself. We give this type of freedom and space to our hens, because we believe everyone (even our hens) should have the room to live their lives to the fullest.

We’re so thankful for wide open spaces, room to breathe, and a comfortable place to call home!

This year we chose to celebrate latitude — latitude for us, for you, and for our hens! Because what is life and love without room to spread it around?

Savor It

As our Nature’s Yoke family looks back on last year fondly and anticipates the new year, we are ready to continue savoring all the moments we share together.

Savoring life, love, and latitude is our mantra. Rather than speeding through life, forgetting what matters, we choose to actively appreciate each and every moment.

This is our goal for this coming year — and it’s our hope for you! May we all go into 2022 savoring everything that matters most and living life celebrating life, love, and latitude!

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