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Nature’s Yoke Legacy 18-Pack

The word is out! We have an 18-pack of our Nature’s Yoke Legacy Eggs. You can now purchase free-range eggs for the whole family and then some! We LOVE getting to share even more of what matters most!

Free-Range Egg Cartons

Nature’s Yoke Eggs:

Don’t you love going to the dairy section of your grocery store and seeing our eggs in bright packaging splattered with colorful hearts? These earth-friendly cartons represent our brand’s celebration of life, love, and latitude!

The mission and values that shaped and carry us, stem from a family legacy that has spanned four generations. With over 50 years of quality free-range eggs, sourced from happy hens on family farms, we’re proud to call Nature’s Yoke a household name.

The Importance of Free-Range:

Free-Range Natures Yoke Farm Chickens

As you all know, we have three types of free-range eggs: Legacy, Organic, and Omega-3. They are 100% Certified Humane and produced on family farms committed to the ethical treatment of animals, good stewardship, and innovation.

Free-Range hens are never kept in cages. They have access to pasture-like outdoor spaces for at least 6 hours per day. Spacious barns are available to them for shade, shelter, and a comfortable spot to lay their eggs. These hens frolic in the field and scratch in the dirt, supplementing their diet with healthy grasses, insects, and worms.

Here at Nature’s Yoke we are proud to bear labels by third parties like Certified Humane, USDA Organic, and Non-GMO. These labels guarantee the quality of life the hens receive, and the quality of the eggs they produce.

New Products. Same Taste:

            Each year at Nature’s Yoke, we try to improve upon how we can better serve our community and consumers. Already, we cater to a group of conscious people who care about where their food comes from – consumers like you who are looking for a tastier, more ethical egg.

            Traditionally, our eggs have come in dozens and half-dozens. But this Spring we introduced an 18 pack to our egg line-up. Aren’t you happy we did?!

            With the release of our Legacy 18 pack, we hope to accommodate the needs of families. An 18 pack means more life, love, and latitude. More meaningful, ethical, tasty eggs. A longer stocked fridge. And less trips to the grocery store!

300-325 a eggs year

Look For Nature’s Yoke:

The next time you’re in the dairy section of your grocery store, look for Nature’s Yoke! When you purchase that colorful carton, you’re connecting to a bigger story. You’re welcoming the opportunity to celebrate life, love, and latitude.

When you bring those eggs home to your family, you’re taking part in a legacy.

And now, you can enjoy all this goodness even more with our 18 pack of the best free-range eggs in the world!

Nature's Yoke - Free-Range Eggs