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Egg Dyeing with Our Nature’s Yoke Community

Legacy Egg Dye Day

A Fun Tradition

Have you ever dyed eggs? If not, you should! It’s a fun activity for young and old alike! In fact, egg dyeing dates back to 1290 A.D. Talk about tradition!

Although it’s morphed and been adopted from different cultures over, time, egg dying has remained a creative and beautiful way to express your inner artist!

For many Americans, this has become an Easter tradition! Easter is a time to celebrate religious, historic events, new life, the start of spring, bunny rabbits, and one of our favorites – eggs!

Boy smiles at community egg event

Egg Dyeing with Free-Range Eggs

Of course, our hens are so happy to be able to contribute to this tradition!

Not only can their free-range, certified humane, tasty, nutritious eggs be enjoyed for breakfast, they can be used in this holiday tradition! In fact, without them – we wouldn’t have this colorful tradition at all!

How to Dye Eggs Shot

Egg Dyeing Instructions

For those unfamiliar, the activity goes something like this:

  • Hard boil as many eggs as you want to dye.
  • Cool them down.
  • Choose your colors. (You can use food coloring or tablets from dyeing kits sold anywhere this time of year.)
  • Fill cups with 1 tablespoon of vinegar.
  • Add coloring. The more you put the darker it gets!
  • Fill cup half way to ¾ with water.
  • Put egg in mixture and let sit for around 5 minutes or until reaching desired color.
  • Scoop egg out with spoon and set to dry.
  • Decorate egg.

Paul and son at Egg Dying event

What to do with Dyed Eggs

Many will choose to hide their eggs and have an egg search Easter morning. Others just like decorating their dyed eggs and eating them right away!

Whether or not you choose to eat your eggs is completely up to you. Just make sure all your dye and anything else you used to decorate your egg are food safe!

Girl with Green Egg

Egg Dyeing Community Event

This year, Nature’s Yoke collaborated with our local library to host an event for kids in our community to dye some eggs.

We spent the morning hard boiling fresh eggs, then headed to the library.

Once we got there, we set up and in no time, several kids showed up with their parents and grandparents to have fun!

We dyed around 10 dozen eggs!

girl with Cartons

Egg Dyeing is Fun!

The kids had so much fun expressing their creativity! So many colors, designs, fun stickers, and even some googly eyes, made each and every one of their eggs so special.

At the end of the event, they got to take their eggs home to enjoy, and all the adults got to take home a couple Nature’s Yoke coupons for some fresh free-range eggs in their local store.

 boy holds egg carton up

Want to do another Egg Dyeing Day?

It was a great way to kick off springtime and the Easter season!

So, if you’re interested, we’d love to host an egg dye event near you! We love being able to share what matters most! Please give us a call or send us a message to set up an egg dyeing day event!

Egg Dying Mom shows Kids
Nature's Yoke - Free-Range Eggs