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Meet Your New Nature’s Yoke


Just over a year ago, we shared that we had made a big decision.

Specifically, that after 50+ years of bringing you the eggs you’ve come to love, it was time to evolve our brand to better reflect what Nature’s Yoke stands for and all the things that matter most to you.

As part of this change, we made two important commitments:

  • To get rid of all single-use plastic cartons beginning early 2021.
  • To bring you only Certified Humane free-range eggs (Organic, Legacy and Omega-3).

We also decided it was time for a brand new look and message, and we couldn’t be more excited to share that the new Nature’s Yoke is here! We invite you to explore the story behind it throughout this website and especially on our home and about pages.

You’ll be seeing our new 100% post-consumer paper cartons in stores soon (if you haven’t already) — here’s what they look like:

Carton of Nature's Yoke Organic Free-Range EggsCarton of Nature's Yoke Legacy Free-Range EggsCarton of Nature's Yoke Omega-3 Free-Range Eggs


Even though we’ve been selling our eggs since the early 60s, we first put the Nature’s Yoke name on our cartons in 2000. Back then, we chose to spell Yoke the way we did because it represented farming and, even more, it symbolized everything that needed to come together to make a good-for-you egg.

Today, with our new look and message, Yoke still stands for important things coming together and it represents the idea of a loving connection.

That’s why when you open the new Nature’s Yoke cartons, you’ll see this message:

At Nature’s Yoke, we celebrate meaningful things coming together — like gratitude for small family farms, kindness toward our hens and sharing around the table. We even honor coming together in how we spell Yoke. Because being connected to what matters, matters a lot. And for us, that’s everything life, love and latitude represent.

So, the following words are now on the front of our cartons to capture the essence of the new Nature’s Yoke:

Here’s what life, love and latitude mean and why they’re part of our yoke just like you are:

LIFE represents respect for all living things, moments of pure joy and the thrill of being alive.

It includes taking the opportunity to do good through the way we all live. And, of course, the idea of supporting life is what drove our decision to say “bye-bye” to plastic and make our new Nature’s Yoke cartons out of 100% post-consumer paper.

LOVE represents kindness to animals, people caring about each other and sharing what matters most.

There isn’t a better word for how we feel about you, our farmers and our hens. In fact, love is why we decided to make the new Nature’s Yoke 100% Certified Humane.

LATITUDE represents the freedom we give our hens and the room we give all people to unabashedly be themselves.

It’s about letting yourself try new things and sharing what truly matters to you without the fear of being judged. Quite simply, it’s an invitation to share and respect different points of view.

Of course, this is only a peek at what life, love and latitude are all about. So, we made you a video to tell the whole story — watch it here.

We also invite you to share what matters to you with us — and when you do, get our Grow Happy with Gratitude Journal & Activity Kit as our thank you. It even includes a delicious dessert recipe you can make with your family and friends.

So, welcome to the new Nature’s Yoke — where you are at the center of everything we do and celebrate.

We hope you’ll help us make our connection with you even deeper by joining our list, as well as participate in conversations about all the things that matter to all of us on social media:

There’s much more to come and much more to celebrate, and we can’t wait to savor it all with you.

P.S. It’s been quite a process to find the right cartons for our new look, so you may still see some plastic cartons in stores as our final inventory finishes out. But soon our 100% post-consumer paper cartons will be all you see — and on that day, you’ll be the first to know!

P.S.S. As you may have heard, Nature’s Yoke pasture raised eggs are still available, but they have a new home at Utopihen Farms. We invite you to visit them there and sign up to receive Utopihen emails, plus follow Utopihen on social media too.

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