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We love get-togethers around a large kitchen table or island. To be more specific — breakfast get-togethers — eating the best breakfast burritos. Don’t get us wrong, we also love a good family dinner. But there’s just something special about a breakfast gathering. There’s always a laid-back nature to it that you won’t find at dinner. No fancy rules or manners, and attire is usually casual and comfy. Some will come to the table in pajamas or even wrapped in a robe. Yoga pants and hoodies, baseball caps and ponytails — all are welcome.

Let’s not forget about some of the other delights of a breakfast gathering like the smell of coffee brewing or the sound of bacon sizzling in the pan. And what about the smiling faces that greet you as you enter the kitchen? Some people are still rubbing sleep from their eyes, but all are anticipating the first, wonderful meal of the day.


So, what do you make for this casual yet hungry group of friends and family? One of our favorites recipes is the Best Breakfast Burrito. These breakfast burritos are a great way to get a healthy balance of carbs, proteins, fibers, healthy Omega-3’s and more into your diet. Whether your post-breakfast activity is reading the newspaper, heading to the gym for your favorite spin class, shopping, gardening, or going to work, the Best Breakfast Burrito will keep you fueled all morning long.


Below are our choice ingredients for the Best Breakfast Burritos and the reasons why we chose these ingredients.

  • Flour tortilla: This is the perfect way to wrap up all your tasty burrito fillings. Make sure the tortillas are fresh, soft and easy to wrap.
  • Cheese:  A triple cheddar blend is always best, in our opinion. This includes Vermont white cheddar, sharp cheddar and mild cheddar. Melty cheese just makes everything better — don’t you agree?
  • Eggs:  Now, you know we love to talk about eggs. We may be partial, but can you blame us? Eggs are our passion! We live and breathe eggs. Making the best quality eggs for you, your friends and your family is our top priority. The best way for us to give you the best eggs possible is to feed our hens a healthy diet. Our Omega-3 Free Range eggs are laid by hens raised on diets fortified with flaxseed — a healthy, natural source of Omega-3 — and our hens love it. Because of these diets, our hens lay eggs rich in Omega-3. Specifically, Omega-3 fatty acids are known to support heart health, help decrease inflammation, improve sleep and much more. When you substitute regular eggs with Nature’s Yoke Omega-3 Free-Range Eggs, you’ll be well on your way to getting more Omega-3 into you and your family’s diet.
  • Diced Potatoes:  Potatoes are a great choice for potassium, fiber and lasting energy. We diced and sautéed them until golden on the edges.
  • Black Beans:  These little beans are filled with fiber, potassium, and vitamins, all working to support heart health and digestion.
  • Pico De Gallo:  Chopped tomatoes, onions, jalapeños and cilantro, mixed together with a sprinkling of lemon juice makes the perfect salsa. Many grocery stores make Pico De Gallo, and it can be found in the produce isle, which means great flavor and less work for you.
  • Avocado: Avocados are rich in healthy fats and fibers. Plus, they add a cool, creaminess to these burritos.
  • Hot Sauce:  Using hot sauce will, of course, be determined on taste and preference. But if you want that little, fiery pop to your breakfast, hot sauce will do the trick.


This is how we suggest making your breakfast burrito.

  1. Lay out your tortilla and sprinkle with shredded cheese.
  2. Spread your scrambled eggs out over the cheese. This will make your cheese melt.
  3. Place one wedge of avocado alongside your eggs.
  4. Add a scoop of diced potatoes.
  5. Top with black beans and Pico De Gallo.
  6. Dribble hot sauce over fillings if desired.
  7. Wrap tortilla up and enjoy!

If there are any other ingredients you enjoy in a burrito, feel free to add.

Close-up best breakfast burrito plate.

Best Breakfast Burritos

Our Best Breakfast Burritos are the perfect way to feed your friends and family at your next breakfast get-together. Wrapped in a flour tortilla, these cheesy, egg, potato and avocado filled burritos are bursting with delicious flavor and nutrition.
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 35 minutes
Course Breakfast, Main Course
Cuisine American
Servings 4


  • 8 flour tortillas, Large
  • 8 Nature's Yoke Omega-3 Eggs, scrambled
  • 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese
  • 2 cups potatoes, diced and sautéed
  • 1 avocado, sliced into 8 slices
  • 1 cup black beans
  • 1 cup pico de gallo
  • hot sauce, optional for serving


  • Lay out 1 flour tortilla and sprinkle with about 1/4 cup of cheese.
  • Spread scrambled eggs over cheese.
  • Lay 1 slice of avocado next to your eggs.
  • Pile diced potatoes on top of eggs.
  • Add black beans and Pico De Gallo.
  • Dribble hot sauce over burrito fillings (optional).
  • Wrap up tortilla and enjoy!


This recipe makes approximately 4 servings.
When making your burritos, it’s tempting to over-stuff them. Doing so will make it difficult to wrap up and will cause your tortilla to tear. That’s why we recommend using one scrambled egg per burrito for best results.
To help keep your eggs warm while serving, you can keep them right in the pan and place on a heat-proof surface.
If wrapping is not your thing, you can always eat them open faced. Just stack all the ingredients on your tortilla and enjoy! 
Our Best Breakfast Burritos are the perfect way to nutritiously feed your next gathering of friends and family.
If there are any other ingredients you enjoy in a burrito, feel free to add!
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